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QueenBeeEdit is a professional book publishing service provided by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D. QueenBeeBooks is the imprint of this service.

That’s me.

Here is some background about me:

I am the author of 14 self-published books in various genres, including: dystopian science fiction, allegory, memoir, travelogue, short story, history, and young adult (with illustrations by a colleague).

Due to their multi-cultural topics and appeal, my books have been bought in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, Kuwait, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

Here are my books on the Local Author Shelf at the Barnes & Noble store near me:

I know the process that a book must go through from beginning to end, from the conception of an idea to the production of a beautiful, finished product that you can be proud of.

This means that I can enable you to see your name in print and on Amazon and any other e-book venue that you wish.

On the main title page of your book, you should have the imprint of a publisher.

If you hire me, this is my imprint, which will appear on that page of your book:

And here is how it will look on a page:


My fee is $85 per hour.

Authors should know and understand that they are responsible for the content of the final, copyrighted files, and that an edit is not a rewrite. The author’s voice shall be preserved in each book, story, project, or other document.

If you would like to know more about me, have a look around on this website to see my background on some of the other pages. For this one, I will say this much:

I am a graduate of William Smith College and the University of Connecticut School of Law, and I got my start in editing by working as a Lead Articles Editor on the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal.

That’s the person with the red pen who combs through each manuscript, marking it up to point out errors – grammatical, spelling, spacing, etc.

Before that, and after college, I used to work in a medical library, and I enjoyed editing the college papers of the kids who worked in the computer lounge next door to the circulation desk. Evenings were pretty quiet, so when all books and journals were shelved, the boss and I would do crossword puzzles together. But that only took us about forty-five minutes (this was in the very early days of the World Wide Web). I loved it when there was a paper to edit. I would even make helpful or entertaining comments in the margins.

As someone who cannot stop reading books on any topic that piques my interest, I have had plenty of ideas for my own books. Here they are:






Please buy a book to support my work at:

I was not content to wait for years for a literary agent to arrange for them to be published.

Authors can find themselves waiting and wasting years of time – time that could be spent creating a professional, beautiful book and having it out there for the world to read.

The Bear Guarding the Beehive by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

That is why I decided to teach myself how to create a marketable product out of a book idea.

If you would like to see your work as a finished product for others to read, then hire me, and I’ll make that dream a reality for you!


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Thank you!


Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.