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These are my books, signed Stephanie C. Fox, J.D., and published under my imprint, which is QueenBeeEdit.

Buy one of my books and find out all about social, economic, ecological, and political issues the easy and fun way – in fiction, allegory, and travelogue. :)I write in many genres, describing issues of social, scientific, legal, and political significance.

Each topic is presented in a way that makes learning fun rather than a chore, because I read the dull, dry academic stuff and then write it as infotainment.

The books are all available in print and in digital formats, via IngramSpark, Kindle, Nook, Google Play Books, Kobo, and Smashwords.

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I write in various genres, including dystopian fiction, fairy-tale metaphor (a.k.a. allegory), short story, history, travelogue, memoir, and I have written one children’s book.


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   Books by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D_clip_image010  Books by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D_clip_image012 

Books by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D_clip_image014  Books by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D_clip_image016  Books by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D_clip_image018


The books cover a variety of topics:

Law | Politics | Environmental Law | International Law | Outer Space Law

Human Overpopulation | Environmental Issues | Ecosystems Collapse | Sustainability

Honeybees and Colony Collapse Disorder | Lobbyists | Politicians

Economic Collapse | Financial and Ecological Crimes by “Farmers” = Banksters, Hedge Fundsters, and Corporatists

History/Herstory | Women’s Studies

Travel | Hawaiʻi | Kuwait | Iran | Islam

Asperger’s | Cats

The books are presented in these genres:

Fiction | Science Fiction | Dystopian Fiction | Non-Fiction | Memoir | Allegory | Short Story | Teen Fiction | Horror | Travelogue | History

Each of my books is available in print and as an e-book. Here they are all together:

I don’t confine myself to any one genre. If I have a point to make, I consider which genre would best suit and then write. This has led to short story, dystopian fiction, science fiction, allegory, travelogue, memoir, and one illustrated children’s book about a beautiful calico cat.

I visited Kuwait in 2005 and wrote a travelogue about the six-month stay. The travelogue includes personal experiences, a brief history, and lots of photographs of museums and points of interest.


On a trip to Hawai`i – to O`ahu and the Big Island of Hawai`i – I made sure to visit `Iolani Palace and to enjoy everything for another travelogue.

Later, I pulled the history sections out of that travelogue to offer as a history book.



  In researching the alarming phenomenon of honeybee and other bee colony collapse disorder, I gathered many photographs of bees and flowers.

The banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists of Wall Street, who finance colony collapse disorder via lobbyists, are described in The Book of Thieves, and this narrative continues in The Bear Guarding the Beehive.


In the Nae-Née series, a dystopian tale of human overpopulation and ecosystems collapse, I call this group Farmers with a capital “F”.

“Nae-Née” is a brand name for a birth control nanite. It translates as “Not-Born”.

Human overpopulation and its effect on the ecosystem also fascinates me. So do police surveillance states, nanotechnology, lifespan extension in medicine, and social initiatives to “save” the planet. All of the issues I have written motivate me to use dystopian science fiction consider how, if carried to their logical conclusions, i.e. a train wreck of epic proportions.

The cover art for those books shows elements of my many interests. Here are all 3 book covers:


Scheherazade, a beautiful black-and-orange-and-white Kuwaiti calico cat, has her own book.

She was a war hero who saved a group of U.S. soldiers from stepping on some bombs on Failaka Island, Kuwait. Here she is:

The books are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, on Kindle and Nook, on Google Books, and in print at IngramSpark.

Have fun reading!

What the Small Gray Visitor Said is a science fiction novel about a stranded female alien botanist.

The novel explores the issues of the pandemic of our time, coronavirus, plus law and politics in society, overpopulation, ecosystems collapse, environmentalism and sustainability, and outer space law with a little ufology thrown into the mix. In the story, the alien shares her point of view on all this with a human friend.

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The Nae-Née series is dystopian science fiction.

It deals with human overpopulation and ecosystems collapse. The story is told from the point of view of a lawyer and professor of history who invents, along with her husband, who is a nanobotic engineer and physician, a birth control device. The device is called “Nae-Née”, which is Scottish-French and translates as “Not-Born”. The United Nations adopts it for a planet-wide birth-licensing treaty, which is put into force during this 1st novel of the 3-novel series of the same name.

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Nae-Née – Birth Control: Infallible, with Nanites and Convenience for All
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

Nae-Née confronts the major taboo of our time: human overpopulation. Our planet’s ecosystem is being stressed to the brink of collapse. Nanite technology has advanced to actual, practical use. Nae-Née is a nanite birth control device that contains a life-time supply of super-concentrated RU486. Every birth must be licensed, and not everyone shall be granted one.

This dystopian science fiction novel warns us of the dangers of overpopulation and the police surveillance state that may be used to manage such a pressing problem.

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By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

Have you ever read a dystopian novel in which you wondered how the world as we know it collapsed?

Well…this novel explains that.

Most apocalypse stories begin sometime in the future, after the devastation has been wrought.

Not this one.

This one lets you watch the horror unfold.

Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Née Wasn’t Enough continues the tale of Nae-Née with a study of U.N. Agenda 21’s “green”, “eco-friendly”, and “sustainability” policies while a New World Order perpetrates a covert population cull via a vaccine with a secret ingredient: a nanite that destroys cancer tumor suppressor proteins. This is a resource war.

After the U.N. population treaty implemented a policy of world-wide use of the birth control nanite, Nae-Née, human-caused stressors on the ecosystem literally heated up.

No longer was our planet on the brink of collapse due to biodiversity loss, rising sea levels, floods, droughts, overdependence on fossil fuels, and the climate changes that drive all that.

No – collapse was upon us at last.

The measures taken to handle resource shortages right in everyone’s backyards are shown: a population cull hidden in a vaccine, and a militarized surveillance society to manage the overflow.

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New World Order Underwater: The Nae-Née Inventors Strike Back
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

The world of Nae-Née has undergone a tremendous change. 6.8 billion human beings were Culled within the space of a year. Human beings – each one unique, many talented – have been erased.

The world has rebuilt itself, adjusting to the new reality of the damage wrought by human overpopulation and resource depletion. Most of the world is underwater, and a new order has been imposed with the old.

The old world order includes universal use of Nae-Née, the nanite birth control device, continues. Anyone wishing to reproduce must still get a license to do so. No license will be granted before a death has been recorded. However, thanks to Hamish’s Regenics serum, some people are living extended lifespans, so fewer births are to be authorized.

Avril continues to be concerned by what she knows about the past year. The Cull was not a natural plague: it was genocide. The Farmers of the world – elites with access to the bulk of financial and other wealth – orchestrated the Cull. They are banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists. It is Avril who has dubbed them “Farmers” due to their treatment of humans as a crop to be managed.

She must find a way to make this crime transparent to all while remaining out of reach. The Farmers are a pernicious threat, one that must be addressed. Until then, the new world order will be one of fear and manipulation by the powerful few.

The conclusion to the Nae-Née series takes the reader to a Florida that is mostly underwater and to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, the Netherlands. A changed world that includes farms and orchards in every town, electric vehicles, and a currency that is created by the planet’s governments instead of its banksters is shown.

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The Book of Thieves and The Bear Guarding the Beehive describe the abuses perpetrated by those who control most of the world’s financial resources.

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The Book of Thieves
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

Oblivion was once a great place to live and work in, with excellent laws to protect everyone who worked there, and to keep conditions fair for them.

Not anymore.

A greedy few called Banksters cheated and stole after working harder at getting the rules changed and finding ways to simply ignore them than at earning an honest living.

The Banksters were assisted by an untrustworthy Trustee, a Key Holder, and Dealers.

The Oblivious – the citizens of Oblivion – did not notice until the deed was done.

This cautionary tale should be read carefully, because it can happen anywhere.

It can happen in any country, even with the best of laws.

All that’s necessary is for people to not pay attention, and for a few to cheat, lie and steal.

Those who do not pay attention can expect to lose their homes and worse.

Life is unfair, and so are the Thieves.

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The Bear Guarding the Beehive
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

The Bear Guarding the Beehive continues the story of the Land of Oblivion, described in The Book of Thieves. It shows a lawyer coming to the defense of her clients: honey bees. The bees face huge legal, scientific, and ecological challenges to their very survival, and the author lays them out quickly and efficiently, with photographs to illustrate each detail. This book is a highly articulate and useful tool for understanding the hazards of neonicotinoids, colony collapse disorder, and more.

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Hartford, Connecticut

The Visitor Experience at the Mark Twain House

This book contains a tour that I gave as a historic interpreter at the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut. It takes the readers from the front lawn to the porch to the hall, then goes room by room throughout the author’s family home, telling the story of the wonderful life they all lived in a house that felt alive to them for seventeen years.

I did this for several years, and it enabled me to learn all about the author and his family, and to read many of his works. It also led me to meet many fascinating and fun members of the public as I showed them around and told them hilarious, uproarious tales of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain, in the manner of a stand-up comic. They loved it, as did I.

Many of these visitors made a wonderful remark to me at the conclusion of tour after tour after tour: “That was the best tour I have ever had anywhere. I wish I could buy a copy of it. You should write your tour down, as is.” So, I did.

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The Hawai’i – Stolen Paradise books offer details of an educational visit and a history of the people, place, music, language, cuisine, and more.

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Hawai’i – Stolen Paradise: A Brief History
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

This history of Hawai‘i is taken from a much larger travelogue. The author traveled to O‘ahu and the Big Island. She studied Hawaiian history, culture, cuisine, language, geography, archaeology, botany, and other topics to create this text.

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Books by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D_clip_image010

Hawai’i – Stolen Paradise: A Travelogue
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

In October of 2012, the author and her parents took a trip to Hawai‘i, visiting O‘ahu and the Big Island.

They stayed at a beautiful resort on O‘ahu called Ko Olina, which means “to be filled with happiness” in the Hawaiian language.

They toured historic sites, including ‘Iolani Palace in Honolulu and Hulihe‘e Palace in Kailua-Kona.

They visited the dead sailors aboard the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial.

They took a ride in an electric submarine in the waters off Waikiki.

They drove over Saddle Road between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island, and then down Chain of Craters Road to see where Kilauea had erupted over the pavement and into the Pacific Ocean.

They tasted wonderful Kona coffee and saw how it was grown, harvested, dried, and roasted.

They attended a hokey lu‘au on O‘ahu and a wonderfully educational one on the Big Island.

They walked through a tropical garden on each of the Islands that they visited, looking at orchids, butterflies, palm trees, macadamia trees, and cannonball trees.

In short, the author led her parents on a fascinating tour of Hawaiian history, language, music, cuisine, culture, botany, zoology, and volcanology.

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An American Woman in Kuwait
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

An American Woman in Kuwait is a travelogue written by an American lawyer who accompanied her husband, a Ph.D. immunologist, to Kuwait. The trip spanned almost six months, during the cooler parts of the year, from November 2004 to May 2005.

Kuwait is a tiny nation covered almost entirely by barren desert. Its huge petroleum reserves and strategic location have made it a playing field on which great military conflicts have been settled during the past two decades. The country, located at the northern end of the Persian Gulf, became one of the wealthiest nations in history following discovery of oil in 1938 and development of the oil fields brought its citizens an unparalleled level of personal comfort.

The author lived among Kuwaitis, ate traditional foods, mingled with Kuwaitis, studied Kuwaiti history, visited most of its museums, and spent a weekend with her husband at the Wafra Farms Oasis as Kuwaitis celebrated their Independence and Liberation Day holidays. She was even lucky enough to meet Kuwait’s most famous woman suffragist, Rola A. Al-Dashti, Ph.D.

Stephanie made friends with Kuwaitis. She and her husband met people from Kuwait’s large community of expatriates – Egyptians, Turks, Syrians, even one man from Saudi Arabia, which led to a hilarious encounter.

Their cat, Scheherazade, a Kuwaiti war veteran herself, accompanied Stephanie to Kuwait. An American Woman in Kuwait is also the perfect guide for anyone traveling with a pet in the Islamic world.

The book includes a glossary of Arabic words with a bibliography of the books and articles she read while in Kuwait.

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Scheherazade Cat: The Story of a War Hero
Written by Stephanie C. Fox
Illustrated by Milena Radeva

We humans are capable of great good. In the time that our species has been on Earth, we have done remarkable things to improve the human condition. But a dark and horrible side of our nature often comes to the surface in the form of military conflict. With sad regularity, our leaders become filled with greed, intolerance, and lust for power, resulting in bloodshed and cruelty that has become more and more horrible as our methods of killing become more efficient. Indeed, war is the most hideous of human experiences and is tragically a regular feature of our history.

However, in the midst of wartime horror, sometimes people and events come together and give some hope that, in the end, the positive aspects of human nature will triumph over our evil side. Scheherazade Cat: The Story of a War Hero is an example of how love, loyalty, and kindness can shine through the darkness of war, and restore faith in the human spirit.

This is the true story of Lieutenant David Haines, a United States Army chemical weapons officer, and Scheherazade, a calico kitten from Failaka Island, Kuwait. He met her while performing a mission there during the Persian Gulf War. Scheherazade was playing with a small bomb during this meeting, but fortunately it did not detonate. Seeing this alerted Lt. Haines to the presence of other mines, allowing his squad to retreat safely. Recognizing that this encounter may have saved his life and those of his men, the soldier adopted Scheherazade and brought her to America.

This is a simple tale about a chance encounter, but it is also a heartwarming lesson that showing kindness and loyalty to a small creature in the midst of extreme danger brings out the best in us. For this reason, the message of this book is a positive one that demonstrates the value of compassion and goodness.

To see a preview of this book with some illustrations and brief biographical sketches of the people involved, please see:

Scheherazade Cat Book – 10-Page Teaser-Preview

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Asperger’s in Girls

Books by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D_clip_image014

Elephant’s Kitchen – An Aspergirl’s Study in Difference
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

Elephant’s Kitchen – An Aspergirl’s Study in Difference is about a quiet teenage girl named Delphine who has Asperger’s, but just as with the television shows Bones and The Big Bang Theory, the condition is never mentioned. Instead, the story walks the reader through many of the markers of the condition. The story also addresses the misery associated with poverty, with the “haves” of society, and their oblivious callousness towards those who struggle to survive. Viewed by a teenage girl who volunteers at a church’s charity kitchen, it highlights the damage that such insensitivity can inflict upon the very people that such institutions claim to benefit. Delphine also attends a private school, plays the violin, acts in a play, and deals with bullies. She is quiet, stealthy, and effective in her own way. This story was written to inspire teens with Asperger’s, to show them that there is nothing wrong or bad about them, and to celebrate rather than condemn difference.

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Books by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D_clip_image016

Almost a Meal – A True Tale of Horror
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

Almost a Meal is the true tale of how a man with Asperger’s became acquainted with a chef who later proved to be a serial killer. It shows how Aspies do not recognize danger signs – though many neurotypicals might also fail to recognize them too. It also provides the reader with a disturbing horror story, and thus a good read.

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Death, Dying, Loss, and Family Relationships, Both On and Off of the Autism Spectrum

Books by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D_clip_image018

The Slamming Door: Bone Cancer, Asperger’s, and Loss
By Clarisse N. Rénard

The Slamming Door is a true story.

Find out how an Aspie who has learned social skills by rote, one who has earned respectable academic credentials but does not function well in many work environments, navigates a labyrinth of death, dying, and loss. See how she copes with anxiety induced by travel and changes in her environment, and how she slowly, painstakingly comes to recognize the signs of hostility around her while making no apology for who she is.

In September of 2008, Clarisse N. Rénard (everyone in this book was given a pseudonym) was asked to move in with a man who had just been diagnosed with bone cancer…by his daughter, Berta, who knew that she was a writer and available. Berta had to work in an office, so she couldn’t be her father’s caregiver.

The man was her husband’s older cousin, Bryn, a Harvard-educated, retired New York City social worker, and Clarisse and her husband Damon had stayed with him many times. He was also one of her best friends after eight years of visits, a confidante, and like another dad to her.

The request, which was also an invitation of sorts, felt like a chance to pay her cousin-in-law back for all of the emotional and other support he had given to Clarisse and Damon.

Berta resented Clarisse in many ways, and gradually revealed her true self: a bully.

Read on to find out how an articulate and meticulous Aspie dealt with all of these problems and situations, and how she viewed it all.

People with Asperger’s are not broken; their brain patterns merely differ from those of the majority of the population. Aspies have produced great novels, scientific discoveries, and the foundations of the best legal system on the planet, namely The Declaration of Independence.

The memoir includes photographs of points of interest in Manhattan, and of other items of interest.

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