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Books Published by QueenBeeBooks

Do you need a book published? Have you written a memoir or a novel?

I can make this happen! Contact me and I’ll get it done.


Here are the details of the service I offer:

The books shown on this page have been published under the imprint of QueenBeeBooks.

The publishing service offered takes a client/author through the entire process of book creation, including:

  • Editing of the manuscript
  • Formatting it as a Word file for page size, for example 6″ x 9″
  • Insertion of page numbers and a Table of Contents
  • Preparation of an About the Author page for the end of the manuscript, complete with a portrait photograph
  • Preparation of an About the Illustrator page, if desired
  • Copyrighting of the work in the author’s name
  • Purchase of an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for the work, to be owned by the author
  • Creation of a cover for a printed version of the book, including front, spine, and back
  • Creation of a cover for a digital version of the book
  • Preparation of digital format files of the book for multiple sales venues, including Kindle, Nook, Google Play Books, Kobo, and Draft2Digital
  • Uploading of book files to a paperback print website and digital venues

The service offered by QueenBeeEdit extends to preparation of author publicity pages on Amazon, and adding books to them.

Clients receive prompt, careful attention to all projects, including research, and transcription.

Clients include attorneys, scientists, students, and others. All are welcome!

The imprint of QueenBeeBooks will appear on your book’s title page:

The fee for this service is at a rate of $85 per hour.

Water Matters by Franklin M. Fisher, a memoir about economic modeling for water scarcity in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. The book is by an economics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who spent 25 years meeting with politicians, economists, civil engineers, and others to develop a water-sharing plan for the region.

Here are the links to the book’s sales pages:

Amazon Print | Amazon Kindle | Barnes & Noble Print | Nook Press | Google Play Books | Kobo Books

This is the response to the successful completion of this project from the satisfied client:

My late husband, Franklin M. Fisher, professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, had left his draft of Water Matters, a memoir of twenty-five years in a cooperative project to model water issues in the Middle East, in an unfinished state.

Stephanie C. Fox was the magician who pulled the whole manuscript together and pushed it over the finish line.

Ellen P. Fisher

My Rear-View Mirror is a memoir of a woman’s life and career. It is just for her family and friends, not for sale or anywhere else online. This is her note to the publisher:

Dirigent is a collection of poetry about the the life experiences Elizabeth A. Richter. It is her dissertation for her Master of Fine Arts degree.

Here is the link to the book’s sales page:

Amazon Print

The author chose to offer it solely as a printed paperback item.

Love in the Garden and Other Short Stories by Sarah D. FitzGerald.

This is collection of four short stories.

It covers a variety of topics and settings, and evokes vivid, colorful imagery and/or strong emotion.

Using vibrant colors and vivid imagery, and evoking strong emotions, Sarah D. FitzGerald takes her reader through a variety of situations: a garden, an inner-city high school, a bar, and a cab ride. She shows different personalities and aspects of the human condition.

This collection was published as a limited edition of QueenBeeBooks.

Gifted Momma and Her Guides by Susan Sapolis Mahon.

Here are the links to the book’s sales pages:

Amazon Print | Amazon Kindle | Barnes & Noble Print | Nook Press | Kobo Books

As each book is published, it will be added to this page.

Thank you for visiting, and please buy a book published by QueenBeeBooks!