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Client Recommendations for Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

This page is for recommendations by satisfied clients of Stephanie C. Fox, J.D. They are readers of her blog posts and books, and her editing and publishing clients.

The service provided is:

Books published carry its imprint:

My late husband, Franklin M. Fisher, professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, had left his draft of Water Matters, a memoir of twenty-five years in a cooperative project to model water issues in the Middle East, in an unfinished state.

Stephanie C. Fox was the magician who pulled the whole manuscript together and pushed it over the finish line.

Ellen P. Fisher

Stephanie helped us organize the folders on our file server, creating an orderly place to store the varied and complicated documents for our computer helping business. She created this structure ten years ago, and we still use it every day. Since we are a team of people, it is particularly important that we all know where things are. We are grateful to Stephanie for helping us share and use our important documents efficiently and smoothly.  

Adam Frost – Coordinator

Computer Care and Learning

(617) 522-1049

Dear Stephanie!

It is a real pleasure working with you. I would like to recommend your editing work also to people living abroad.

You are certainly the perfect person for doing language-check for us writers, who are not at all perfect in English.

I am writing on a novel in English, and I am a Swedish author, that have almost never been outside of my own country.

By the help from you I think I am not only getting a novel written in English language checked, but I have also learnt a lot.

Your services aren´t expensive at all, and your work is always meticulously done, with comments and all.

I cannot think there is any better, and any more sympathetic, proof reader and language check person, to be found!

Yours sincerely!


Kaj Bernhard Genell

41260 Gothenburg, SWEDEN

“I have been impressed with Stephanie’s research abilities and skills.  Using her experience, diligence and intelligence, Stephanie produces a product that is on point and insightful. It is a pleasure to work with Stephanie on research projects.”

  • Attorney David Baram, Representative of Connecticut’s 15th Assembly District (2009-2017)

“For over ten years, Stephanie C. Fox has edited for me, seeing to the formatting, content, and other details of my curriculum vitae, numerous letters, articles, and other documents.

She has done an excellent job, thus giving me the confidence to proceed with many endeavors.

I highly recommend her to anyone, be they a professional in any field, for her promptness, meticulousness, and scrupulous work ethic.”

  • Fatemeh Haghighatjoo, Ph.D., Professor and MP in Iran’s 6th Parliament (2000-2004)

Legal Symposium and Rule of Law

FROM: Hon. Frank LaBuda

TO: Stephanie C. Fox

CC: David Haines

Monday, April 16, 2012 11:24 AM

Dear Stephanie:

Please accept my very sincere gratitude for all the work and help you have given me in preparing and presenting my symposium overseas in Europe, as well as in the U.S.

Your gift for prose and editing has assisted me so well in making effective legal presentations to University and law School faculty and students. Especially the Power Point CD’s that so nicely bridge the language gaps in all countries.

The presentations in Serbia at the International University and the Islamic Faculty (500 year old College) in Novi Pazar.

I am currently working on a Symposium for October 15 in Slovenia on “An Anatomy of a Jury Trial”.

Look forward to our continued cooperation and work together.

Thank you and All the Best! Yours in Service,


From Carol Ann Milewski on February 11, 2022, for publishing her life’s story to give to her family:

From Elizabeth A. Richter on August 19, 2022, for publishing her graduate thesis of poetry, Dirigent:


From Susan J. Sapolis Mahon on June 15, 2023, for publishing her story, Gifted Momma and Her Guides:

From publisher Lou Aronica, of The Story Plant, for editing novels that he publishes:

From Attorney Peter Luria, Esquire: