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The Nae-Née Bibliographies – Access the Research

The Nae-Née Bibliographies

The Nae-Née novels are a series of 3 dystopian science fiction stories about human overpopulation and ecosystems collapse.

Buy my books and find out all about social, economic, ecological, and political issues the easy and fun way – in fiction.

Nae-Née encompasses many issues: human overpopulation, environmental law, ecosystems, honeybee colony collapse, sea level rise, the United Nations, patent law, birth control, abortion, population policy and policy-making, banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists (those three are, together in the series, known as Farmers with a capital “F”), vaccines and vaccination policy, law, lobbyists, politicians, businesses, plastic pollution and remediation, nuclear power and its dangers from radiation, the International Criminal Court, police surveillance states, quick response codes, atheism, religious pressures to reproduce, spin doctors, infrastructure projects that attempt to deal with a changing ecosystem (some real and some fictitious), plus art, architecture, gourmet cooking and baking, gardening and beekeeping, water-capture systems, recycling, and travel, both for historic and artistic museum tourism and for eco-tourism.

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Nae-Née – Birth Control: Infallible, with Nanites and Convenience for All
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

Nae-Née confronts the major taboo of our time: human overpopulation. Our planet’s ecosystem is being stressed to the brink of collapse. Nanite technology has advanced to actual, practical use. Nae-Née is a nanite birth control device that contains a life-time supply of super-concentrated RU486. Every birth must be licensed, and not everyone shall be granted one.

The inventors of this birth control nanite, a husband-and-wife team named Hamish and Avril, watch as the United Nations promulgates a treaty with a planet-wide use of their product, and Avril, a lawyer, gives her input on the manner of the policy’s implementation.

This dystopian science fiction novel warns us of the dangers of overpopulation and the police surveillance state that may be used to manage such a pressing problem.

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Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Née Wasn’t Enough
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

Have you ever read a dystopian novel in which you wondered how the world as we know it collapsed? Well…this novel explains that.

Most apocalypse stories begin sometime in the future, after the devastation has been wrought. Not this one. This one lets you watch the horror unfold.

Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Née Wasn’t Enough continues the tale of Nae-Née with a study of U.N. Agenda 21’s “green”, “eco-friendly”, and “sustainability” policies while a New World Order perpetrates a covert population cull via a vaccine with a secret ingredient: a nanite that destroys cancer tumor suppressor proteins. This is a resource war.

After the U.N. population treaty implemented a policy of world-wide use of the birth control nanite, Nae-Née, human-caused stressors on the ecosystem literally heated up. No longer was our planet on the brink of collapse due to biodiversity loss, rising sea levels, floods, droughts, overdependence on fossil fuels, and the climate changes that drive all that.

No – collapse was upon us at last. The measures taken to handle resource shortages right in everyone’s backyards are shown: a population cull hidden in a vaccine, and a militarized surveillance society to manage the overflow.

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New World Order Underwater: The Nae-Née Inventors Strike Back
By Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

The world of Nae-Née has undergone a tremendous change. 6.8 billion human beings were Culled within the space of a year. Human beings – each one unique, many talented – have been erased.

The world has rebuilt itself, adjusting to the new reality of the damage wrought by human overpopulation and resource depletion. Most of the world is underwater, and a new order has been imposed with the old.

The old world order includes universal use of Nae-Née, the nanite birth control device, continues. Anyone wishing to reproduce must still get a license to do so. No license will be granted before a death has been recorded. However, thanks to Hamish’s Regenics serum, some people are living extended lifespans, so fewer births are to be authorized.

Avril continues to be concerned by what she knows about the past year. The Cull was not a natural plague: it was genocide. The Farmers of the world – elites with access to the bulk of financial and other wealth – orchestrated the Cull. They are banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists. It is Avril who has dubbed them “Farmers” due to their treatment of humans as a crop to be managed.

She must find a way to make this crime transparent to all while remaining out of reach. The Farmers are a pernicious threat, one that must be addressed. Until then, the new world order will be one of fear and manipulation by the powerful few.

The conclusion to the Nae-Née series takes the reader to a Florida that is mostly underwater and to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, the Netherlands. A changed world that includes farms and orchards in every town, electric vehicles, and a currency that is created by the planet’s governments instead of its banksters is shown.

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Here they are, in print:

Originally, these novels each had extensive bibliographies.

As an author and a lawyer, I thought that sharing my source material with my readers was a good thing. However, these bibliographies made the costs of the books significantly more expensive. So, I removed them.

I now share them here, in their entirety, for any reader who cares to peruse them and, perhaps, look up the material in them.

The bibliographies include articles from newspapers and periodicals, websites, videos, political cartoons, comic strips, art, and movies and documentaries.

There are even some things by conspiracy theorists and alt-right spin doctors. Why? Because I needed some ideas about evil. Evil doesn’t come naturally to me, and I had to write some appallingly monstrous policies as well as characters. I wanted the evil to be as realistic of a threat as possible.

The rest is from meticulously researched sources, such as newspapers that are respected around the planet, and famous scientists and professors.

It is available on this website for anyone who cares to know the source material behind the Nae-Née novels.

At the end of these lists, I show some photographs of the stacks of books that I read, also from these bibliographies.

Thank you for visiting this site, and this page.

Happy researching!

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